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March 04, 2021

IU Health announces applications for Community Impact Investment Fund

IU Health announces applications for Community Impact Investment Fund

IU Health is pleased to announce the next round of applications for funding from the Community Impact Investment (CII) Fund.

Collaboration and engagement with our community partners is a cornerstone to the CII program, and IU Health seeks to work with these organizations to advance innovative and transformative positive change.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact our communities and amplify health disparities that have existed for far too long. Many communities remain vulnerable to social and economic challenges, limiting their ability to achieve a healthy lifestyle and well-being.

In recognition of these challenges, the 2021 CII Fund application process seeks to identify and fund projects that propose solutions through place-based, workforce development and education attainment projects. Interested parties are asked to submit a Letter of Interest describing their proposed project by May 3, 2021. Upon review, a limited number of organizations will be invited to submit a full application, which will be due July 16, 2021.

Examples of historical projects awarded with CII funds include the following:

  • a Muncie neighborhood impact project designed to accelerate a comprehensive neighborhood revitalization in connection with the 8twelve Coalition
  • an infant mortality project in greater Indianapolis aimed at increasing education and access to providers and contraception at no/low cost to underserved women
  • development of a crisis diversion center that provides individualized social services to people in need of temporary and immediate support
  • a project to reduce social isolation through spiritual care by supporting patients who express spiritual distress and are dealing with isolation

To get started, review the 2021 Request for Proposal (PDF).

More information about the CII program can be found in the Resources section below: