Housing Services

Access to basic life necessities is a significant indicator of sustaining a healthy life. Housing is one of the most basic needs a person has, and maintaining stable housing impacts nearly every facet of an individual’s life.

In response to the needs of those with health conditions who are struggling to maintain safe, affordable housing, IU Health facilitates a number of housing programs designed to assist individuals in achieving and maintaining self-sufficiency, and provide a range of services from homeless prevention to permanent housing.

Our programs target specific populations who may experience difficulty maintaining self-sufficiency. In addition to the financial assistance provided through federal grant funding from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, clients who engage in our programs are provided ongoing, intensive housing case management to address the causes of their housing crisis.

Home Modification for Accessible Living

For those living within the City of Bloomington, we offer the HMAL program, providing modifications to the person’s home in order to increase home safety and accessibility at no cost to the client. There are eligibility requirements, and a housing case manager can assist you in determining eligibility.

Review the Homeless Management Information System Notice of Privacy Practices. For more information on the Housing Services Program, please contact Housing Team Lead Cindy Burdine at cburdine2@iuhealth.org.